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VHP Demands Strict Action Against Pak & all Jihadi Preachers & Supporters. Also Demands Stopping Water to Pak

Jail All those who Shelter Jihadi Terror in Bharat; Jail Pak Supporters & Stop Water to Pak

VHP Demands & Expresses Confidence that Union Govt would do so now
Delhi, September 19, 2016

Condemning brutal Jihadi attack on the Army at Un in J&K, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin
Togadia said, “We salute our brave soldiers who have been sacrificing their lives for Bharat so long. Our heart
goes out to their families. At the same time, all such Jihadi attacks, whether on the security forces or on the
civilians must stop once & for all. Pakistan has been sponsoring Jihadi terror in Bharat for long in various forms;
not only in Kashmir but also in other parts of Bharat. There is no point in relying only on international diplomacy
& strategic restraint etc anymore. We & many in the nation expect the Union Govt to take some concrete &
decisive actions and we are confident that the current Union Govt has the capacity to do so & it will surely take
such actions.”

VHP demands:

1. Dialogue with Pakistan should be stopped at all levels.
2. All Trade agreements with Pakistan should be cancelled with immediate effect.
3. No Jihadi terror is possible without local shelters & support. Therefore, all those who shelter, support,
fund, justify & help Jihadi terror in any form or / and advocate / preach ideology behind such Jihadi
terror should be brought to justice. As an immediate step, the Union Govt should issue an Advisory to
all states to make dossiers of all those who fall under the category: ‘Shelter, support, fund, justify, help
& advocate / preach Jihadi Terror or I and pro-Pakistan behavior / thoughts’. The advisory should also
contain the guidelines to immediately take strict actions against such people / groups / establishments
4. Jlhadis whether from Pakistan or anywhere else, have certain ideological background & mostly they are
on the Fidayeen missions to kill & die. They should not be buried after their death but should be burnt
on the heap of garbage in proper security & in public view so that there is no hope for them to reach
paradise to get 72 Hurrey etc as they are being preached. It may sound crazy (as mostly all Hindus are
being treated as crazy these days by the so called seculars, but this is the serious international debate as
to what is the preaching they follow.)
5. Bharat has reserved a lot of water for Pakistan. Enough of giving life to Pakistan when Pak has been
giving death to our people. While Govt may plan further military or other strict actions soon, it can
begin with immediate stoppage of water to Pakistan.
6. Most importantly, now is the time that Govt stops taking linear, so called secular stand on Kashmiri
Jihadi separatists & youth there who pelt stones on our security forces. Jail them with the cases of
sedition at once rather than giving them jobs & scholarships.

We are confident that the Union Govt is serious about punishing Pakistan & all those perpetrators &
supporters of Jihadi Terror and therefore, we are sure that the Govt will take all the above steps at once.
VHP Demands Strict Action Against Pak & all Jihadi Preachers & Supporters. Also Demands Stopping Water to Pak